Basic Lathe Tutorial - Bullet Shape


1 - Overview

This tutorial will cover the basic to import a simple DXF / DWG 2d drawing and apply a turning cycle.

Here the sample dxf for this tutorial. 

If needed, here you can download a professional 2D cad system , free of charge. This cad system is not related to ecam in any way.

2 - Import Cad Geometries

It a good pratice clean the dxf files and leave only the profiles you want to import.

You can remove all unnecessary entities from eCam , but to keep thing easy , it's suggested do this cleaning process directly with the cad software.

To import the dxf file, from Menu -> File -> Open , select the dxf file with the file selection dialog.

After cad import , ecam screen will be like this :

The tool screen "Adjust Imported Geometry" is called automatically.

This screen contains all the common modifier usually applied to imported geometry. Like rotate , scale , mirror and so on. Please take a look at this tool related documentation page here .

We need to create a turned part, so the profile must lie in the XZ plane. Under the CHANGE PLANE section, click on Move to XZ Plane.

The current geoemtry is very much not centered with the coordinate origin, So maybe after calling change plane,  the geometry will be off screen.  Just recall the 2D view to zoom to fit the scene.

You can also see the label in top of 3D viewport now indicate PLANE XZ

If you move the cursor around the 3D viewport, you can see huge coordinate values.

The geometries are in a not well precised position in 2D space. 

We need to move it to X0 Z0 position. To do so , scroll down the side screen and click on PICK ORIGIN.

After that, click on the indicated point in the image below.

Again if the geometry get off screen , click the 2D button view.

You can see the 3D coordinate icon centered with the profile. This means the geometry is now in a correct position.

Click [OK] twice on side screen to proceed and return to the home view.

3 - Add First Setup

Now add the lathe setup item.

From Menu -> Lathe -> New Setup - Lathe 2 Axis

For this tutorial, edit these properties :

Program Name : Bullet shape

Spindle Rev. Limit : 400

Please take a look at related page with more information for this screen.

Press [OK] to proceed.

4 - Stock Definition

Now you need to define the stock material dimension.

Set these properties :

Outer Diameter : 120mm

Lenght : 185mm

Click [OK] to proceed.

5 - External Turning

From Menu -> Lathe -> External Turning -> Select Existing Geometry

Be sure you have CHAIN SELECTION active in main menu and click on imported geometry .

Now you have a screen like this.

In the "Geometry Selected" list , you should see : Picked Entities (5) (Geometry)

The (5) mean you have selected 5 different entities and ecam grouped into a single selection since they are consecutives elements.

In this tutorial we don't even check the cut data parameter or turning parameter in general.

You can take a look at this other tutorial and at related page for external turning for more details.

6 - Simulation and G-Code Generation

Here the detailed simulation documentation page.

Here the detailed g-code generation documentation page.

From main menu, click [Simulation] to play the toolpath animation, with this you can understand better how the generated toolpath.

And to generate g-code press [Generate Code] from main menu, a dialog will show asking destination folder. Press [GCODE] and a text editor will appear with gcode.

Here you can download project file for this tutorial

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