Why License Not Valid ?

There are several reason on ecam can give "License not valid" also with a valid activation code.

You are trying to activate more pc than the permitted by your activation code.
By default , with an activation code you can activate a single pc.
Is possible buy additional license, in order to activate multiple pc with the same key.

You need to deactivate a license in first pc , before activating in another pc.
Is possible move the license from a pc to another, but you need to deactivate it first on 1 pc.
See image below.

Pc Hardware updates
License system generate an unique machine identificator code for your pc.
If you change hardware in your pc , this unique identificator changes as well, so license system can not recognize anymore your pc.
You need to deactivate license before changing hardware.

No internet connection
By default, license system require internet connection.
Is also possible create an offline license, see related docs at footer page.
Also check antivirus is not blocking communication with license server.

Check again inserted activation code
It can happen the file where is stored activation code will be deleted.
Make sure to check into license dialog the activation code. Should be the same delivered to you after payment confirm.

Send log file
If everything fails, please send log file

For any issue or question, please contact support.

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