Quick Fix Imported Geometry

Adjust imported geometry

Just after cad file import, a side screen with the most common edits will appear on the left screen.

You can open this screen also from MENU - >DRAW -> ADJUST IMPORTED GEOMETRIES

The applied changes will affect only selected entities.

Select all geometries : It select all the visible entities on the scene.

Clear selection : All the entities are de-selected

Invert selection : Selected entities will be de-selected and other way round

Change plane : Move the entities to XY or ZX PLANE

Scale : Entities will be scaled by selected factor. You can choose from common factor or define the value on your own

Rotate : Use the button to rotate selection of +90° or -90° . Otherwise insert a rotation value and press the check mark button.

Flip : Flip selection vertically or horizontally

Pick origin point : Move the entire selection , so the world coordinate zero , will be the selected point.

If you need advanced control on geometries , like linear or circular array creation , use the related tool under MENU->DRAW menu dropdown

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