Upgrade Plans

If you have purchased eCam and you want to upgrade to different edition or different version, here the pricing with related store pages.

From edition To edition Price
Mill or Lathe edition Complete + Adaptive 250€ Visit store Page
Complete Complete + Adaptive 200€ Visit store Page
Mill or Lathe edition Complete Edition 100€ Visit store Page
From Older Versions To Version 5
Mill / Lathe v2 v3 v4 Mill / Lathe only v5.x 75€ Visit store page
Complete v2 v3 v4 Complete v5.x 100€ Visit store page
Complete + Adaptive v2 v3 v4 Complete + Adaptive v5.x 175€ Visit store page

After payment confirm, please provide to to support :

  1. Your previous order id (COGxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx) to confirm your previous purchase. Alternatively is also ok your activation code.
  2. Your current activation code in order to update license information.

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