Upgrade Plans

If you have purchased a previous version of eCam , maybe you are eligible to a free upgrade or a discount for the purchase of version 4.x

See table below :

Owned package Upgrade Type
Version 2.x Hobby  Is necessary the payment of price difference
from previous package and desidered package
Version 2.x Pro or v3.x purchased in previous 18 months Discount coupon valued 50%
of previous purchased package

The upgrade is intended to the same edition you purchase , for example from V3.x Mill to V4.x Mill and only for the copies purchase before the release of new version. For example, :  if you have purchase v3.x after the release of v4.x , you are not eligible to upgrade benefits.

If eligible to discount, use the contact form to ask your coupon code.

Please provide order id (COGxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx) and current activation code , so i can confirm your previous purchase.

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