Here the newly released version with a description of changes or solved bugs

Newly added feature are more subject to have some bugs, please report if you find any


  • Updated some row in RU dictionary
  • Fixed a bug with Face Milling when custom point origin was enabled.
  • Is possible to set the Link Moves feed in adaptive toolpath


  • Updated some row in IT and FR dictionary
  • Is not possible edit anymore flute count in drilling tool. It's forced to 1
  • Fixed cut data user interface for center drill tool
  • Restored Max Removal Rate in cut data screen.


  • Solved issue with license system. It was stuck in "Checking License" status due to missing file in setup .


  • Turning Module - Fixed issue with Limit +X direction


  • Fixed issue with internal thread operation. Now is possible force the plunge in center hole .
  • Is possible activate license in offline pc.

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