Here the newly released version with a description of changes or solved bugs

Newly added feature are more subject to have some bugs, please report if you find any


  • Mill Module -> Fixed bug in finishing operation and overlap active
  • Fixed issue with hexagonal stock creation
  • Update NL Localization
  • Updated prerequisites indication in Download page


  • Update RUSSIAN Localization


  • Update NL Localization


  • Updated the internal OFFSET method. Changes in Offset command , engraving machining, groove width feature
  • Update TR Localization


  • Bug fix on ENGRAVING operation when CUSTOM WCS was applied
  • Bug fix on Mill Module issue with minimal radius arcs.


  • Added Portuguese / Brazil localization.
  • Fixed bug with thread milling operation when pitch was left to zero.
  • Mill Module : Fixed several bugs related to folder feature .
  • Tool Store : Fixed issue related to creation of new internal groove tool.


  • Tool Store : Fixed bug with tool selection .


  • Improved Heidenhain support. First update the software and then download updated post processor .


  • Localization : Update some rows in RU dictionary
  • Mill Module -> Finishing Operation -> Changed behaviour in CNC Compensation , lead in / lead out segment is now ortogonal to arc.
  • Post Processor -> Added {TOOL_RADIUS} {TOOL_TOTAL_LENGTH} {TOOL_CUTTER_LENGTH} in tool row summary template.
  • User Interface -> Fixed label for Setup -> [Custom Offset Origin] property


  • User Interface -> Fixed behaviour in fixture screen.
  • Mill Module -> Fixed 2nd slice approach in adaptive strategy


  • Post Processor -> Improved Heidenhain support, download latest post processor .
  • Mill Module -> Fixed tool Z approach in helix roughing cycle


  • Fixed bug with code generation created in previous release.


  • Post Processor : Is possible skip toolchange between two tool with same number but with different tool name. To enable this option : Post Processor Dialog -> Machine Properties -> Search and enable [No Toolchange between two tool with same number]
  • Lathe Module - Fixed limits feature in grooving opearation


  • Post Processor : Fixed wrong call to Spot drilling template instead of Counterboring template
  • Is possible use also "Peck Drilling" as drilling mode


  • Tool Table - Fixed Material remove rate formula
  • Mill Module -> Fixed linking between passes in same Z level.


  • Update NL dictionary
  • Fixed issue with [close application] and [close file] menu button
  • Tool Table - Improved behaviour in updating tool data when selected "update only current operation" mode.
  • Lathe Module - Fixed issue with macro R parameter in central drilling cycles.


  • Mill Module - Fixed bug on Drilling -> Chamfering operation and Engraving operation, when triggered when custom origin point was enabled.
  • Tool - Is possible define taper value on thread mill tool
  • Threading Milling - Is possible define taper angle of threading milling cycle.
  • Added 4 Font Style for single line text engraving


  • Tool tree item is highlighted if CUT WIDTH or CUT DEPTH have wrong values.
  • Mill Module - Fixed minor bug with CUT PROFILE operation.


  • Mill Module - Added semicolon and underscore symbol in single line font. 
  • Fixed bug causing crash within TEXT fast shape editing.


  • Mill Module - Fixed Bug in engraving operation.


  • Fixed logic in next tool calling between 2 consecutives setup
  • From 2nd setup , now skip tool change between 2 consecutives operations with the same tool.
  • Update some row in DE dictionary
  • Mill Module - Error message is raised if CNC compensation is not correctly applied to toolpath.


  • Mill Module - Fixed a bug created in last version that prevented generation of adaptive toolpath and the offset material in finishing operation.
  • Mill Moduel - Fixed bug with Fixture selection at setup level.


  • Lathe Module : Fixed Z Limit label issue .
  • Simulation : Now the tool is visible also when zooming in. Before the tool was cutted off from scene.
  • Mill Module : Fixed bug with wrong custom origin association from 1° and 2° setup.
  • Mill Module / Finishing Operation : Solved issue regarding finishing direction. Is some context the finish was made at the other side of roughing operation. 
  • Mill Module / Threading cycle : Rapid approach to safe Z Plane.
  • Mill Module / Roughing Cycle : When "Keep Tool Down" is OFF , forced Z movement to safe plane for rapid link between passes, 
  • Updated some rows in German dictionary
  • Removed some obsolete dll reference. ( Nothing change on user side )
  • Mill Module / Finishing Operation : Fixed behaviour for "starting points" label. 
  • Mill Module : Fixed issue with working area selection with 2 non concentric circle selection as geometry.
  • Lathe Module : Editable step value in cut-off operation


  • Updated some row in RU dictionary
  • Fixed a bug with Face Milling when custom point origin was enabled.
  • Is possible to set the Link Moves feed in adaptive toolpath


  • Updated some row in IT and FR dictionary
  • Is not possible edit anymore flute count in drilling tool. It's forced to 1
  • Fixed cut data user interface for center drill tool
  • Restored Max Removal Rate in cut data screen.


  • Solved issue with license system. It was stuck in "Checking License" status due to missing file in setup .


  • Turning Module - Fixed issue with Limit +X direction


  • Fixed issue with internal thread operation. Now is possible force the plunge in center hole .
  • Is possible activate license in offline pc.

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